October 3, 2017

Porsche 912 from Zero to 60 in 2 stages of correction

Porsche 912 from Zero to 60 in 2 stages of correction
Porsche 912 from Zero to 60 in 2 stages of correction

We had this gorgeous porsche 912 come to us with major oxidation, swirl marks, scratching, contamination and dullness.

Our plan was to do 2 stages of correction and finish it with Feynlabs Ceramic Lite, but it needed so much more than that to get it to where it needed to be.

We started out with wash and a very heavy decontamination process starting with clay bar and then with Iron-X, you can see all the purple on the floor in the picture to the left, that is all contamination coming off the car.

Removing contamination is important as without doing this step it can affect polishing, binding of waxes or ceramic coatings to your clear coat etc. It is important to make sure that all contaminates are removed from any surface before moving to the next step.

After decontamination is complete we can move onto paint correction! For being single stage paint this was actually a very tough one and we ended up having to use wool pads with heavy compound during our first stage to really be effective.

Once that was complete we were able to move onto final polish which only required a very soft pad and some Menzerna 3500 to get it looking super glossy and haze free.

After final polish we removed all oils left over from the polish using a wax and grease remover and then it was time to coat with Feynlabs Ceramic Lite! This is a super slick, super high gloss 1 year ceramic coating that provides amazing protection.

and heres our finished results! before and after! Call us to schedule your free evaluation on your vehicle for restoration and protection!