April 13, 2023

Keep Your Car Clean like the Pros with These Tips from Wicked Auto Detailing

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply a daily driver, keeping your car clean is always a must. And while it may seem like a daunting task to keep your car clean, it truly isn’t, especially with this shortlist of tips.

These tips are straight from the mouths of the pros here at Wicked Auto Detailing, so you’ll want to read up and soak it all in. Once you’re done reading this blog, you’ll be well on your way to being a detailed master just like the great team here at Wicked Auto Detailing located in Santa Ana.

Grab your clay bars and buckle in friends, we’re about to go on a great detailing adventure sponsored by the good folks at Wicked Auto Detailing.

Clear it Out

The first step to cleaning your car like the pros is pretty simple — clear it out! Trash, debris, last week’s hamburger wrapper, you’ll want to get rid of it all. Clearing out the clutter from the interior of your car instantly makes it look better and a lot less “lived in”. Plus, if you had enough stuff in there, you could consider it as fuel savings to clean it all out.

Not only is interior clutter unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. If you’re ever in an accident, every item you have on the interior will be tossed around becoming a hazard to you. Plus, who wants to be coated in a two-day-old soda after getting in an accident?

Cleaning out the interior of your car is the easiest step, all you need are some trash bags and you’ll be clutter-free in no time. Once you’ve cleaned out the interior of your car, you can move on to our next step detailed below.

Scrub it Out

Just like the carpet and flooring in our homes, the floor mats in our cars can get pretty dirty. That’s why it’s important for you to pull them out of the car and give them a good scrubbing. Getting your floor mats nice and clean doesn’t just look good, it also will help cut down on airborne bacteria and irritants too.

Before you get to scrubbing, you may also want to give your floor mats thorough vacuuming. This will get the dirt and debris that has found its way into your car and been compacted down. Once you’re done vacuuming you can get to scrubbing.

You’ll want a good brush with semi-firm bristles to attack carpet floor mats, and a good cleaning agent as well. If you have rubber or “all-weather” floor mats, you can skip the vacuum step and just give them a good spray down with your chosen cleaning agent.

If you need any cleaning agents or detailing materials, Wicked Auto Detailing has you covered. We carry a variety of professional and consumer detailing products to fit your specific needs, so stop by our Santa Ana location to pick some up today.

Vacuum it Out

If you have been following our steps thus far, you should have your vacuum out still, so why not tackle the rest of the interior with it? Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted surfaces in your car, including the passenger and rear-seat floorboards, especially if they see high traffic.

While you have the vacuum out, it’s probably a good idea to run it over any non-carpeted surfaces that accumulate dust and debris like the dashboard. You can even hit the vents as dust accumulates there and can cause allergies or irritation.

A solid vacuum job should leave your car’s interior looking fresh and smelling even better, so why not take the time and do your car a solid? If you don’t have the time, don’t worry, Wicked Auto Detailing is here to help. Our pro detailing team will get your car into tip-top shape in no time — call or schedule an appointment online today!

Wipe it Out

A final step to cleaning your car like a pro is wiping it out. Pick up some interior cleaning and detailing wipes and get to work! We recommend starting from the driver’s seat, hitting all the instrumentation and surfaces you touch most.

From there, we say no amount of attention to detail is too much. Dig into those cracks and crevices, don’t be afraid to really get in there. You can use things like Q-Tips to get into really tight spaces like between the air vents or radio controls. Work your way throughout the front first, then make a move to the back of the car — don’t forget the cupholders.

Don’t want to put painstaking hours into making your interior look perfect? That’s okay, Wicked Auto Detailing is here to help. Our detailing professionals are standing by, waiting to tackle any dirt, grime or clutter you bring in — so stop by today!

If All Else Fails

Then all you have to do is call Wicked Auto Detailing to set up a detailing appointment — or simply visit our Santa Ana location! Here at Wicked Auto Detailing, we have the best in the business when it comes to car detailing and our work shows it.

If you want to keep your car looking like the day it rolled off the showroom floor — you need to visit Wicked Auto Detailing. From Long Beach to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, Wicked Auto Detailing is the best detail shop in California.