January 5, 2017

Karen The McLaren 675LT

The Mclaren was not actually named Karen but I figured that would grab everyones attention, I bet you probably clicked on this link because of the title, if so, the jokes on you.

We were blessed with the awesome opportunity to perform paint correction and apply a Ceramic Pro coating to a 2016 Mclaren 675LT #41/500 made in the world, so it was quite the gem. Before I get into the nitty gritty details I will elaborate a bit on what makes this car special so prepare to read some specs that you would most likely find on any review site on google.

The 675 is a higher performance version of the 650S boasting 666 horsepower (the devil is strong with this one) and 516lb-ft of torque. Oh my. All this wonderful power is produced by a twin turbo V8 which can be found in the old 650S but it has 25 more horsepower now! The car scoots to 62mph in just 2.9 seconds and most likely leaves your clothing behind as the shear force of acceleration rips them off your body.

I could tell you more but instead I’ll just drop the link to this youtube review episode of the 675 where you can enjoy watching a test drive done by a guy whos voice just doesn’t match someone who should have a channel about reviewing cars.

There she is! Painted in a gorgeous pearl white, when i say pearl white I mean PEARLS ON PEARLS! There was an unbelievable amount of flake in this paint job, it was drop dead gorgeous in person. As amazing as this almost $400,000 car was, there is one thing that exotic automakers have not learned to include in that 6 figure price, for whatever reason they will paint these pieces of art, they fail to fully remove all of the sanding marks after they take the time to individually paint most of these cars. The biggest offender is Lamborghini, should we ever get another brand new jet black Lambo, I am sure you will see me write something about it shortly after.

I love explaining this to clients when we get calls for ceramic coatings and they don’t want to pay for full correction beforehand. “Its a brand new car! there’s no swirls!” they say, I laugh out loud generally (because I’ve heard this so many times and showed up to find a car covered in swirls), kindly explain that even new cars out of the factory are loaded with rids, scratches, swirl marks (if they have been on the lot for a while and washed a few times) and for exotic cars, they are loaded with sanding marks visible only under florescent lighting or if you catch the sun at the perfect angle. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the sanding scratches on this car.

Luckily this car cleaned up pretty easy and it only took us about 4-5 hours to fully correct this car even though my rupes 21 was out of service and I was equipped with a griot garage 6 inch polisher. That thing actually cuts really well but does not hold up to heat or pro longed use very well, have to give the poor girl a break here and there.