May 11, 2017

17 Toyota Land Cruiser After Ceramic Pro + Clear Bra

The Toyota Land Cruiser is renowned for its off-road capability – decades after its introduction it’s every bit as capable but today’s Land Cruiser is more akin to a Lexus than a Toyota. With gorgeous pearlescent white paint with a bit of metal flake in it, it would be a crying shame if that beautiful finish were to be ruined by its first trip off road.

That’s why this virtually brand new Land Cruiser came in to us for our Gold level Ceramic Pro protection package. After getting the car spotless and immaculately clean, we went to work with We’ve talked about Ceramic Pro’s incredible protection before – we applied 5 layers of hard, crystalline “armor” to protect the clearcoat and make it a cakewalk to keep this big beast clean, even after an off-road excursion.

The crystalline layer of Ceramic Pro 9H acts almost like another layer of clearcoat to protect the original finish. Thanks to the hydrophobic nature of the 9H coating, keeping water, mud and filth that normally accumulates from sticking to the paint, and with 4 layers of crystalline protection, there’s something between off-road brush and the clear.

Since the Land Cruiser also has a very flat, wide front bumper with a lot of surface area, a little extra protection was a great idea, so we also applied a custom cut Clear Bra to the front bumper. Since we custom cut each bra, there’s no visible seams, and the clear bra material we use features a unique gloss topcoat to protect the material from UV rays and prevent the yellowing you sometimes see in lower quality clear bras after a year or two of exposure to the sun. This ensures that the clear bra does its job and stays looking good for years to come.

With the paint thoroughly protected, this Land Cruiser’s ready to hit the trails without the peace of mind that its finish is protected.

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